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DEATH, the only promise in LIFE. For years I have always wondered about life after death. Do ghosts really exist? or are they just another tell-tale story. I have seen many t.v. shows, internet videos, pictures and heard enough paranormal stories from friends and family to keep my mind open. So......

....We took it upon ourselves to research these paranormal patients.

We research using device's that measures changes in temperature.

Taking photos using full spectrum cameras (can capture things not seen with the human eye).

Night vision cameras recording any paranormal phenomena that occurs (recording every moment).

EVP (electronic voice phenomena) recorders, to capture any disembodied voice or noises.

Motion detectors for any unseen movements along with laser grid pens.

We want to find out what they want, who they are and why they are here.

So we have to try to use the best tools we can in order to capture any phenomena, to try to prove our research may be worth it after all.

But we are not here to convince you that ghosts or any paranormal phenomena exists, that's for you decide. Everybody's beliefs are different, everyone's evidence of the paranormal is different, we are just doing the research to try to prove the theory there could be paranormal phenomena with us.

So If You believe that your house is haunted, if you know of a location you think you may of had an experience that you can't explain.

Help us help you explain the unexplained!

Please Contact:

Facebook Group: Paranormal Patients

YouTube Channel: Paranormal Patients

Instagram: Paranormal Patients

Also online at:

We are a dedicated team in search of truth and evidence. We are based in Wincanton, an area we have not yet found much history or stories of any paranormal experiences.

So our goal is to "dig up" any untouched paranormal patients, creating our own paranormal history, here and the south west area.

This is also a non-profit organisation. We do not charge but would be willing to pay a small contribution to investigate a location if necessary and given permission. (i.e. a church or hospitals or any large historical buildings). Also if we are to investigate a location set up by a charity we will also contribute towards that charity. If we investigate a private residence, NO information about the property or persons will go on our site.

we don't however do ghost tours as of yet but maybe a future plan.

If You think you may have had an unexplained experience then please contact us by email and leave your name, number and a brief explanation about your experience. If you feel you wish for us to undergo an investigation, don't hesitate to ask. We will then contact you by phone to discuss further details.

We look forward to meeting you and your Paranormal Patients!


I carry out my research with one other team member. I believe too many people causes too much contamination to the evidence. We don't mind the owner or landlord joining us but after a while during investigations we do prefer to research on our own.We research through the night, in to whichever location we have been accepted to investigate. We do a pre investigation to Try and communicate with any spirits that may be present. Set up equipment (cameras, voice recorders, laser pens, motion detectors) . We then leave the location for approximately 30 minutes to1 hour to see if any activity occurs when the location is empty. On return we will continue to research inside until we leave our location.

All evidence will be analysed and put on the website, if accepted by authorised person, also presented to the person if they wish to see it. All evidence will remain confidential between the team and persons of which we deal with.



A ball of light that may vary in colour and shape.


It is said that spirits can have the strength to move different objects, open doors and draws, move chairs and other items. (poltergeist).


Often you may hear noises such as footsteps when there's no one else around. disembodied voices or other sounds a spirit may want you to hear in order to try and communicate.


Often people claim to have been attacked by unseen forces. Being scratched is a common form of attack by spirits, where as others have claimed to be physically picked up and thrown or grabbed around the neck, arm and legs.


An apparition or manifestation of a spirit or ghost has been sighted by many people. A manifestation doesn't necessarily mean that you will see a full figure person like you or I, an apparition may form in many different ways from full dark shadow figure to just a face.


In some cases, it is believed that spirits can attach and take over the soul of another human being. People have been known to do things out of the ordinary, commit crimes with no recollection of what they have done, speak in strange languages with different tones of voice. It is said to relieve the soul of a demonic possession, a priest must preform an exorcism, in order to banish the spirit from the body. (THIS IS SOMETHING WE DO NOT DEAL WITH!)


If you have any strange stories, pictures, evp's or videos, that may help my research, please don't hesitate to send them to my email address (as shown above). Attached with your name, town you live and where the evidence was captured. They will be put on my page for others to see. Thankyou


A ghost hunt is based around a location not known for any paranormal activity. Generally used for first time investigators to practice their skills as an investigator, test their abiliabilities when finding crucial evidence.


Investigations are for the locations that have known paranormal activity. As an investigator you can use previous evidence and paranormal accounts and history, to help with your investigation. It give you the chance to plan what equipment you want to use and where. The type of trigger objects to conduct various experiments.


At times we conduct our investigations, we are fully aware of any dangers or risks that may be involved. We take full responsibility for ourselves when we are carrying out our research, and think through any safety measures necessary before any investigation. We hold no one accountable but ourselves, should any accidents occur when at a location.