Next Patient Please....



The Apple Tree Inn is an amazing 18th century pub. A place that new owners have reported strange goings on. Renovations are being done, but at times it has been reported that when the time comes to lock up and shut down, loud banging noises can be heard from upstairs, after the workmen have left. A sudden feeling of freezing cold air surrounding you on the stairs, and a feeling your being watched or followed on the stairs has been reported by the new owners.


Given this is our first investigation, we were very excited. On arrival to the apple tree inn, it felt cosy, a nice comfortable place to spend an evening for a nice meal with friends and family. From talking to the owners about the experiences they have had, and getting a good tour of the pub, the lights were switched off and the investigation began. We started off by setting up a few trigger objects, by taking a glass or 3, placing them on pieces of paper, drawing around the glass and leave them in different locations in the pub. If the glass has moved from the circle drawn on the paper, we could have ourselves a spirit..... but on this occasion , all glasses were in the exact position they were left in.

A motion sensor light and trail camera was left on the stairway, where activity of loud noises and the feeling of being followed were reported.

Once equipment and trigger object were in place, we decided to walk around whilst I (Sy) could take a few pictures. At one point, we was stood around one of the two bar areas, when I took a couple of shot from my camera, and as I put down the camera and looked up, my body froze as I thought I had just seen something or someone  go through behind the bar. No lies I crapped myself but felt amazed at the same time. Unfortunately nothing was caught on the camera.

From that point we underwent an EVP session downstairs in the bar area. Although no evidence was caught on the recorder, it did have a strange sense to it. Cold spots of air in places, a feeling of static electricity that would make the hairs on your arm stand up whenever you walked in to the room.

After the EVP session, we decided to split up, Simon goes upstairs and I, stay in the bar. So I set up another camera in the bar where I think I saw something earlier, I start another EVP session, not only do I not get anything on the recorder, but the ice machine nearly had me running out of the building!!

After a while we swapped locations, and what we both found was strange. Being upstairs where all activity is reported felt fine, we felt more comfortable upstairs than in the bar area. Felt warm, no electric static feeling, just happy not being in the bar.

Although we did not hear anything upstairs, our trail motion sensor camera did record something and the motion sensor light was on too. On reviewing the camera, we were not upstairs at that time, as we would have been in the picture caught on the camera. Unsure of how both devices came to be on together, we put it down as unexplained.

As the night went on, we decided to set up all cameras and voice recorders, and leave the pub for a while. A chance to see if any activity occurs whilst the premises is empty. 20-30 minutes later we re-enter the pub, grab all equipment and settle in the skittle ally to go through the evidence.

On review I found I'd captured a couple of strange light anomalies but I can't be entirely sure, as one came straight towards the camera, a small ball of transparent light, just trailing towards the camera.

By the end of the night, we was pleased with our investigation, and do plan to go back and re-investigate sometime in the future.



Assistant manager has a photo of two women that was taken on a night out at uncle Tom's cabin, and behind them in the picture is a figure of a man who was not seen by the person who shot the photo.

The gas is being switched on and off without any idea why.

Beer pumps and barrels being messed with.

Claims that things are going missing and turning up in random places.

There is one corner of uncle Tom's that dogs are claimed to always growl and  bark at.

A guy named Craig, claimed to speak to a man who was sat at the end of the bar, when Craig turned round and back again, the man vanished without any time to see where he went. No sound or sight of any doors opening or closing to show he walked out.

Lights being switched on in the hallway, when staff go to switch them off, they feel they are being followed. (Sudden feeling of cold air surrounding them)

Locals who have been going to uncle Tom's that have recently passed away are believed to haunt this premises still to this day.

An apparition have been seen walking through the place with no vision of them on cctv by a staff member.


When arriving at this establishment, we were given a tour of the various places that activity has been occurring. We were told that since being in contact with the staff, the activity had increased as if what ever is there knew we were coming.

We were accompanied by the assistant manager,who took us up to the darts room upstairs, the only place that is not covers by cctv. As she was explaining about the activity, 2 out of 3 light bulbs cut out within seconds of each other. Coincidence that those lights just happened to blow as we entered the room? Maybe, maybe not?

A voice recorder was left recording on the the table but nothing unusual was captured.

In the pool room, we set up a line of pool balls on the table, a trigger object, to catch any movement of the balls without us being there.

A camera was also placed in the cellar, where it is said that the barrels and gas taps are being played with.

Given that a staff member had seen an apparition of a man in a baseball cap, walk past the back of the bar area and up the stairs, without a trace on cctv, we placed a motion sensor light on the stairs along with a camera recording anything that may pass the stairs and set off the light.

With the assistant managers daughter joining us, we decided to retreat to the garden area, and individually we all did our own investigation solo in the pub.

Simon goes first, conducting EVP sessions to catch any disembodied voices, as the voice of a child was said to say 'hello' when the only children there at the time, were not old enough to talk yet.

Venturing on, he hears various knocks and taps coming from upstairs, as if small footsteps from a child are walking around. He continues on to the cellar, where to his shock and surprise, his jumper is pulled from the left shoulder. With no one else with him, it's not long before he is back outside with the rest of us.

Excited with Simon's experience, it's me that goes in next. On entry I make my way straight upstairs. After nearly knocking myself out on the low door frame, I set up my camera to record any activity going on in the pool room.

I conduct an EVP session in the darts room but nothing was captured so I made my way back to the bar area. I'd not been there long when I heard knocking coming from upstairs, so within seconds I'm back in the pool room. Conducting another EVP session I hear more noises, but coming from the bar area. A little freaked out but also seems someone or something is playing with me. After my solo investigation, I go back outside, where this time Simon and the assistant managers go back in together.

Sitting in the bar, next to a warm coal fire, the assistant manager starts to feel cold around the back of her legs. The sound of someone walking around upstairs begins again. Given she knew the locals that had passed on, she calls out to them, where within seconds the feeling of a freezing cold sensation comes over her again. When there investigation was complete they both came back outside, where she was excited with  the fact that although she had been inside next to a warm coal fire, one of her hands was very warm and the other was freezing cold, where she felt she had connected with that of a spirit.

We all went back in to the warm and divided into different locations around the pub. No further evidence was captured and given a brand new camera kept running out of battery within a minutes of being switched on, we were not able to use it for this investigation. With not much evidence on any device's, we called it a night. The personal experience was great, and that's part of the reason we do it. Any evidence captured on any device is a bonus. We love what we do, and we will return to uncle Tom's cabin some time in the future.



On our return to the Apple tree inn, with new equipment we proceeded to find out more about the spirits that reside there. Straight away, on entry to the bar area, I felt a sudden change in the atmosphere. Like small bolts of electric charge just shot  through my body. We started with an evp session, heard a few unexplained  noises then proceeded with a spirit box session. Since purchasing the spirit box and k2 meter, I've been to various random locations and tested this equipment. Getting no response, I was shocked to hear voices coming through the spirit box. Put on a speed rate of 200 and in reverse, we were amazed. So a male and female voice came through, which when conducted in the cellar area turned out to be a guy named Glen and a girl named Kirsty. Unfortunately we did not record this footage on camera but did record on evp recorder.
Now we know some names we were excited to carry on with the investigation, with the fluctuation in the magnetic field being picked up with our k2 meter, upstairs and in the bowling alley/buffet room, orbs being seen in various different parts of the pub.
Although we had a great experience I feel we could go back for one last time and find out as much as we can with more equipment, and find out what really happened to the souls that reside in the Apple tree Inn.


A building dedicated to the people of Wincanton in 1960. Since installing a security camera, the director of the hall was having messages sent from the camera to his phone at random hours of the morning. With no evidence of anyone inside we were asked to investigate.


We started our investigation with Mr Lewis taking still pictures throughout the hall, whilst I was checking for change in the electronic magnetic field with the k2 meter. After a while we moved on into a little creepy room at the back of the building, and conducted and evp session. During the playback no voices were captured on the voice recorder, so we decided to go back out to the main hall and try the spirit box, but these spirits just did not want to talk!
Persistent with getting answers and evidence I'm on my own in the main hall, whilst Mr Lewis is checking more evp. I'm not out there long asking questions when I hear what sounds like a door close and that's it I'm gone! After a short amount of time and a little breathing we decide to go back to the creepy little room and try the spirit box again. We're not in there long when we hear another loud bang coming from within the main hall. We decide to investigate inside one of the side rooms through the main hall where I thought I heard a door close earlier. No voices through spirit box or evp, so decide to move on to the other side in another little room (not so creepy). On entry to the room the k2 meter starts giving off a reading of change in electronic magnetic field around us. During trying to find out the cause we hear another loud sound coming from outside the room we are in! So it seems they do want to communicate just not through talking. We place the k2 meter on a table inside the room and proceed to ask questions. Amazingly we get a response to a question and immediately feel a strange change of temperature in the room. After conducting the experiment we decide to leave a camera and k2 in the room and try and capture any activity with No one in the room.
On reviewing footage I was amazed to see that the small light that was placed next to the camera, was knocked over nearly 10 minutes after we left the room. 

A camera and motion sensor lights were also left in the main hall but no paranormal activity was captured there either!
So with only noise activity and no voices captured we are keen to go back and find out more. 



Sherborne Abbey,  one of the very few Abbeys still around in the uk. From its structure to the stain glass windows, this location is amazing and by far our biggest!

We were met by an associate of the Abbey who have gave us entry and remained inside throughout the investigation.
After gaining access to the Abbey, we were guided around and given the hot spots of the hauntings that reside inside this astonishing building. Monks were said to have been seen wandering the isles and a woman was seen praying at the alter in the lady chapel, and the witness said she rose  from her position and walked straight through the alter and disappeared.
So on we pressed with the investigation, with Mr Lewis taking still photos until only after roughly 5 mins and only a few photos taken, both batteries in his camera lose their power. But with the photos we got we did notice a strange light anomaly on one of the pictures. Two of the same pictures were taken withhin seconds of each but only one has what looks like an orb. With one camera down, we decide to conduct an evp session at the lady chapel, whilst conducting the session both Mr Lewis and Karen (new member of the team) see what they believe to be a shadow figure walk across one of the doorway entrances.
So there after a camera is placed facing the doorway to catch any activity or shadow figures. We decide to split up, Karen and Mr Lewis go to another small chapel within the Abbey where Karen has previously seen what she thought to be a lady in white walk past her and into the small chapel. Karen followed and was amazed to find no one else in the chapel but her. So they both conduct evp sessions in order to try to comunticate with they lady Karen has seen previously.
As they were in the chapel I decided to set up our new Kinect equipment in the lady chapel , in order to capture any evidence of activity. Also I left a few voice recorders around the Abbey to catch any voices we may not hear with our own ears.
After a while we all congregated back at the lady chapel and experimented with the Kinect camera for the first  time on an investigation. We carried out a spirit box session several times over the few hours we were there, But again no voices came through.
Unfortunately nothing was captured on the Kinect or any evp recorders throughout the night.
At one point our k2 meter did give a slight indication something could be there and a cold blast of air shot straight past me as I was at the alter in the lady chapel.
Ubove all you could feel there was something in the Abbey. We put it down to a residual energy, one that repeats it's cycle of hauntings. Also given the gothic look and the age and history of all that had happened  inside throughout the years, it felt comfortable. I could have taken a sleeping bag and slept there all night no problem. Very surprising but also very interesting. Given the size of the place we would like to return one day with more equipment to see if we can capture anything next time.


So we finally return back to the memorial hall. With what ever made me (Sy), run last time we were here, I was determined to find out more. So we did the usual, walk around try and get a base line reading with the k2 meter and take some still photographs.

With a slight noise heard by Mr Lewis, we head in to one of the back rooms to investigate.

On entering the room, the energy felt completely different. We conducted an EVP session, asking various question in order to get a response. After a while, with no voices coming through the voice recorder, we proceeded with our investigation to the bar area.

This time we bought out the​ spirit box, a type of radio that scans through the channels but doesn't stop. Spirits are said to manipulate this device in order to communicate. So the last time we were here we had no voices what so ever, but this time was different. After asking for some kind of communication from any spirits that may reside there, we had a chilling deep male voice come through saying 'NO'. Moments after we ask who is with us and to our surprise a female voice comes through saying 'IT'S ME'.

Amazed by our find, we decided to use our new pics of equipment, the kinect camera hoping to see the male and or the female that responded to us.

Although during this experiment we capture no figures on the kinect camera, Mr Lewis sees in the reflection of the window, a figure walk through the kitchen past the door in the same building we are in! Shocked we take a quick coffee break in the kitchen and plan our next move.

Not being in the kitchen long we hear a noise coming from  a room to the rear of the kitchen, (the room our light was knocked over on our previous visit). As we enter, Mr Lewis turns and notices someone walk past the door outside. With the figure being seen walking from right to left of the door, it would have been seen standing by the door as there was nowhere to go but back to the right side if the door, but nothing or no one was seen by myself or Mr Lewis.

Pressing on we place a camera and light in the back room where we had previous activity, and on review of the footage instead of the light being knocked over, you can hear what sounds like and electronics sound followed by a female voice saying 'UH HUH'.

We use the kinect camera in different locations around the building, but no further evidence or activity is captured, so after another great investigation, we leave these spirits to rest in peace.


SHEPTON MALLET PRISON ( with Spooktacular Ghost Events Team)


As it was our first group ghost hunt, we were both unsure of what to expect. We were the last to arrive as we went to a completely different building that sort of looked like a prison near by.

With a group of 30-40 other people attending, we first started with a tour of the prison. Seeing the various cells and exercise yard and also the execution room. Then we were split in to 4 different groups. As were we all separately taken to different part of the prison, our first location was a room on the bottom floor in the prison.

The leader of terror team placed a rem pod outside the room and k2 meter in the doorway.

We started experiments with a Ouija board. With roughly 10 of us in the room, I was going to be taking part so I stood out.

Also we experimented with a little table tipping, (finger on a table, request activity from spirits to move it), spirit box and general calling out to any spirits that reside in that room.

After this little session we moved on to our next location- the prison wing.

With a new leader came New experiments. We began by standing with our back to an open prison cell. As I look behind me, I see nothing, pitch black! After a while we take turns to call out, after some time, Mr Lewis hears a sound like someone stamping their foot behind him in the cell. Jumping out the cell, Mr Lewis quickly runs back to confront whatever made that sound.

Shortly after with a little provocation, I hear what sounds like a loud breath in my ear, within a split second I'm out! Knowing I can't go anywhere I then go back to find out what it was.

Our next location in the prison was the pedophile wing. We started with a little more table tipping, then after tried an experiment we had not seen before. The human pendulum.

We all stood in a circle whilst one person stood in the middle with one to the back and one to the front of them, and the idea was to use that person in the middle as the pendulum. We ask several questions and get the spirit to push the person back and forth for yes and know answers. We all had a go and was very interesting to take part in such a simple experiment.

Our final location was a small room believed to hold a cell that was found from the 1600s. We used a sb11 spirit box to try and communicate with any spirits, an upgrade from the sb7. With amazement as the spirit box was passed around the only voice that came through seemed to say it name (Simon). We were also using cat balls, small balls that light up when moved and was amazed to see them lighting up with no movement.

After all these experiments with the different leaders, we had a couple of hours to conduct our own investigation inside the prison.


Given it was a group ghost hunt, collecting evidence on the voice recorder was going to prove difficult.

So we began our investigation inside the cornmill. (Aslo the birth of the nickname 'screw' as the officers would tighten the screws for the prisoners working the mills). As we entered the room all felt calm until we reached the back room and started with an EVP session.

Whilst playing the recording back, we hear a noise coming from a room behind me and then seconds later a slight tap on the strip light above us.

Moving on as we had little time to investigate, we moved on to the room we first went to with the group but had no activity. So we ended up on one of the cell wings. We took it in turn to proceed with a solo investigation inside a cell alone. With a k2 and voice recorder still no activity in either session.

We ended up in the execution room and the cell that a prisoner would have been 24 hours prior to their execution. With a strange energy around I shut myself in the cell whilst Mr Lewis conducted and EVP session in the execution gallows.

Again no activity!

So we carried on and arrived at solitary confinement. With the spirit box, k2 and EVP recorder set up we proceeded to ask questions. Unaware until I looked back at the footage, we had a fluctuation on the k2 meter, notify us someone

Or something was with us. After a while in solitary confinement we leave the cell and end up on one of the wings......ALONE!

Me and Mr Lewis are the only ones there all is quiet.

Looking down the wing I could see a silhouette of a person. Not moving or making any noise I froze. Was it real, was I seeing the spirit of a prisoner? No. Turns out it was just a Manakin. So with the scare over we used a little provocation, hoping to get some activity with just the two of us. With a few cold bursts of air, it seemed it was all the evidence we would get given our time had run out.

We would like to thank the Spooktacular Ghost Events Team For A Great Night and look forward to the next.



As with most pubs, The Bear Inn dates back to 1720. After being rebuilt due to fire damage, this old coach inn celebrated many occasions under this roof. Throughout history, the pub has had its fair share of owners, tenants and customers. But other stories have occurred since, stories of a young girl who died at the residence. No one knows how or why or even who she was, just some that have calmed to have seen her in the pub.

Another is that of a man, said to be the last man to hang from a tree in this area, his body was laid out in the pub.

So with new equipment, we began our investigation......


On entry to this fine establishment, we were greeted by the owners of the location, and would be joining us at times throughout the investigation. After a quick run through of our equipment and plan for the night, we began our research with a tour of the location.

Carrying the k2 (EMF Meter), we walked through from the bar, upstairs to the darts and pool room. We continued the tour and ended up at the back of the building, in a room with a large stage and hall.

We began the investigation with a quick EVP session. As Mr Lewis and I asked questions, at times I felt somewhat different, as if maybe we were not alone. After a few questions we reviewed the voice recorder and was absolutely shocked to hear what sounded like a disembodied voice near the end of the recording.

Excited we continued on with the investigation and proceeded back to the bar where the owners were waiting.

Continuing forward, the owners took us to a corridoor where apperitions of figures have been seen wandering up and down on many occations. 

We placed the k2 meter on a shelf next to the spirit box. Through the course of the experiment, we all asked various questions in order to try and get a response from anyone who might have been with us. After a while we had no response on the k2 or the spirit box, to be honest it all felt very calm so we moved on to the back hall with a couole of guests for another evp session but again no response.

Anxious for evidence we took the S.L.S camera to the pool room and after a while ut seemed comunication was on!

An unidentified figure showed up in the screen. Amazed we asked commands like rausing an arm or a leg and amazingly the command was followed through. We were astonished as this was the first time we had a response on our S.L.S camera.

So we decided to take a guest and our S.L.S camera to the back hall...... and again a small figure showed up next to our guest on a chair. We cannot believe our eyes. After a while a much larger figure showed up but hovering above our guest. Could this have been the spirit of a little girl and the last man to hang from a tree? 

After all the excitement it was time for our solo.

Mr lewis goes first, down the corridoor where apperitions have been seen, and in to the kitchen. He has the k2 and the camera and thats it hes on his own. As he tries to make contact he suddenly turns round and notices a ladel..... moving by itself. Shocked he steps back and is utterly amazed by what has just happend. 

Throughout the rest of his solo, Mr Lewis doesn't capture anymore evidence.

As I begin my solo I place my k2 Meter and rem pod on a barrel in the hallway where apparitions of shadow figures have been seen by members of staff.

Created by Sy Threadingham